• Forensics Collection Experts

    Identify, preserve AND collect in a fully defensible process, including expert witness testimony, smartphones (Iphones and Android), tablets and computers.

  • Enfuse 2018 Presenter

    "In English Please" Deposition and Trial Preparation for the Forensic Examiner by Matthew Snoddy, Computer Forensic Examiner, Chase Legal Imaging Discovery.

  • eDiscovery Experts

    Process and conversion of Native files including emails and attachments for easy searchable review.

  • Technology Assisted Review

    Eliminate non-relevant data by 90% for easy review of custodian  emails and attachments for bulk tagging for privilege insanely fast.

  • Scanning of Paper Documents

    Full scanning in our secure facility or on-site set ups. Our scanning process and quality control is by far the best in the industry. It includes fully searchable text with load files if needed for zero additional costs.

  • Easy Per Gigabyte Pricing Model

    Know what your costs every time before any discovery is even started. No hidden fees ever!

At CLI Discovery, we believe utilizing the best technology is paramount to our clients’ success. We’ve established strategic relationships with leading software companies to ensure that we are prepared to approach client challenges with the best and most current eDiscovery technology.


At Chase Legal Imaging, we work as an extension of your legal team to implement customized paper-based and digital document management strategies that help you more effectively organize and search your documents. By combining multiple services, we help you achieve dynamic solutions within your project and budget requirements. To ensure optimal results, expert quality control and deadline management procedures are followed in every Chase Legal Imaging facility nationwide.

Electronic Data Discovery

We are experts in processing large amounts of native files.

High Speed Scanning

Scanning provides an alternative to storing a large volume of paper documents.

Litigation Reprographics

Chase Legal Imaging specializes in all types of copy jobs.

Image Format Conversion

Chase Legal supports more than 300 different file formats.


Capturing involves taking objects in the real world and converting them from analog to digital forms.


Optical Character Recognition allows digital documents to be searched by their content.

CLI Discovery uses the latest in cutting edge certified data forensics and electronic discovery technology.

CLI Discovery brings over two decades of document management experience to Louisville through its partner company in Lexington, Chase Legal Imaging, forming Louisville’s newest eDiscovery and Document Management Company.
Leading Complex Data and eDiscovery, Simply.

Complex Litigation

eDiscovery is challenging. Corporations and law firms must figure out where an increasing volume of electronically stored data resides, and collect, process, and review it, often under the extreme duress of court-enforced discovery schedules. These entities must be able to access key information to formulate case strategy while complying with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, case law, and court requirements. The risks include court sanctions, spoliation, delay, and high costs. At CLI Discovery we offer a broad range of eDiscovery services to help clients avoid these risks. We specialize in cases involving large volumes of data and custodians, and possess a strong understanding of the entire litigation lifecycle.